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You are not alone. China¡¯s shortage of leadership talent is the number one operating challenge for many companies. Furthermore, this problem is worsening as China¡¯s economic growth increases demand for leadership talent.

So, how can organizations in China develop the leadership talent they need?

An effective executive development strategy should be firmly grounded in a company¡¯s business strategy. It should integrate development into key business processes and equip and motivate people to adopt behaviors that lead to business success.

Developing and implementing strategies to integrate capability and leadership development into critical business processes or to address a particular business need.
Designing and facilitating leadership workshops and retreats.
Strengthening clients'internal professional development capabilities by coaching onstrategy development and best-practice pedagogical approaches (e.g., training and workshop design, train-the-trainer programs).
Sample leadership development program

Strategic execution workshop

Leading problem solving and change

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