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WuDeLan Partners is a management consultancy dedicated to improving leadership talent and organizational capabilities throughout China. We focus on the junction between strategy and organization, helping organizations develop global leadership teams while designing strategies and managing change.

WuDeLan Partners brings rigor to the soft elements that enable an organization to create value from intangible assets. Our approach integrates solving core business challenges with leadership development and explicitly addresses the reasons most change efforts fail. Rather than merely alleviating symptoms, we help organizations develop lasting strength and resilience. We counsel and support clients on:

Developing leadership talent and capabilities to craft and execute strategies, sustain change, and realize a desired future
Promoting individual and team growth through coaching and coaching training
Fostering a distinctive organizational culture that reflects desired values and supports strategic objectives and change

We practice open-source consulting, investing in knowledge and developing perspectives to benefit our clients and the community at large.

We are also facilitating a learning community of executive coaches and leadership development professionals. We work together as a group to identify and explore the questions that, if answered, could promote and accelerate the development of leaders in China.

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