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Many organizations want to take culture seriously, but arent sure how to get their arms around it, particularly in a multi-cultural environment.
Culture is a powerful, latent, often unconscious set of forces that determines both our individual and collective behaviors, ways of perceiving, thought patterns, and values. Organizational culture matters because cultural elements determine strategy, goals, and modes of operating.
Edgar Schein
WuDeLan Partners brings rigor to these
amorphous topics. We believe that organizations are complex systems at dynamic equilibrium and that cultural change requires work in multiple areas (e.g., individual and group mindsets,
behaviors, norms, skills and capabilities;
reinforcing systems, structures and processes; communication flows).
Cultural change case study
We work with clients to identify key leverage points C mindsets and behaviors that strongly influence what and how things are done within an organization C and tease out the questions that could generate sustainable improvements in performance. We recognize that every organization has its own way of learning, sharing,
initiating, innovating, executing, renewing, and aligning. We help clients understand and respect what was historically a basis of success while also facilitating a shift towards new norms.
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